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Walking into a candy shop and filling your cart with your favorite sweets is the best feeling. Whether you stick to what you love or try something new, the adventure is almost as sweet as the treats themselves.

At Sugar Party, we've brought that same fun online, but without the cost. We offer a huge selection of Pick n' Mix candies, Pre-Mixed Lollies for those who want a bit of everything, and a wide variety of international snacks, including all the cool stuff you see on TikTok, like the One Chip Challenge, Chamoy Pickle Kits, Feastables, and 1UP Candy.

And for the bold ones, we've got a Mystery Box option. Just relax and let us surprise you with a unique Mystery Box filled with goodies.

Located in Sydney, NSW, Australia, our family-run store is your go-to spot for all things sweet. We have an amazing selection of candies, sweets, and chocolates. Looking for freeze-dried candy, snacks from around the world, new and classic lollies, or a vast choice of pick n' mix candy? We’ve got you covered! 🍭