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Zed Candy

Giant Monster Gobstopper Jaw Breaker

Giant Monster Gobstopper Jaw Breaker

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The Mega Jawbreaker Gobstopper isn't just a jawbreaker… it's jaw dropping.

This sugary sphere is a full pound of tasty hard candy. Since it's a solid sweet that surely won't fit in your mouth, you'll need to determine how to attack the colossal candy. Lick and gnaw your way through the rainbow of layers several times over to reach the center core, which, unlike the ultra-hard outer strata, is made of a softer sweet tart-like candy.

The current official world record for eating a Mega Bruiser Jawbreaker is 17 days, 4 hours, 8 minutes, and 19 seconds. Is your sweet tooth strong enough to break the record without breaking the rest of your jaw?


  • Delicious and sweet candy
  • A unique and fun treat
  • Flavour changing candy


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