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1UP Candy

1UP Candy Australia - Sour Candy by FaZe Rug

1UP Candy Australia - Sour Candy by FaZe Rug

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1Up Candy Faze Rug

The well-known YouTuber FaZe Rug has recently ventured into the world of confections with his unique candy company called 1Up Candy. His primary goal? To outperform, or "1up," all existing candies in terms of their sourness. His immediate target is Warheads, known far and wide as the world's most sour candy. He's throwing down the gauntlet and daring candy lovers to try his creation and gauge their ability to withstand its extreme sourness. So, why not take him up on the challenge? Try 1upcandy today!

What is included:

Each 1Up Candy Faze Rug pack is specifically designed for 2 people to enjoy together.

These packs come loaded with six gummy candies that promise a burst of sourness unlike anything you've tasted before. But don't worry! Each pack also includes 2 neutralizers. These are meant to be taken after the sour candy challenge to soothe your taste buds and help calm the intense sour sensation. So, enjoy this unique candy experience and see if you can stand up to the sourness!

1UP Candy Australia - Sour Candy by FaZe Rug. Are you ready to try the world's most sour candy?

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