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De La Rosa

PulparinDots Extra Picante - Spicy Candy - 30g

PulparinDots Extra Picante - Spicy Candy - 30g

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De la Rosa Pulparin Dots Spicy contains the essence of Mexican culture on the smallest size. It is a soft, spicy-covered candy, with a pulp-tamarind inside.

Mexican Candy Pulparindots comes in this presentation as a ball-shaped spicy Candy, making it the perfect Candy to take away. Its texture will also be creamy at the taste, but don’t forget! Its chili coverage will make this pulparindo Candy the sweet, hottest experience of your life!

When you open the packaging, you’ll smell the spicy-tamarind flavor that comes from the spicy Mexican Candy. Then, as soon as you take it into your mouth, you’ll feel the sour, tangy taste of the Chili, burning! Then it will be followed by the delicious flavor of the sweet, creamy Tamarind inner pulp. 

For all these reasons, this Mexican Candy Pulparindo will combine the better of two worlds! A chili, spicy beginning that only hides the delicious sweet, creamy Tamarind flavored pulp.

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