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Sugar Party

Ice Packs - Twin

Ice Packs - Twin

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If you're considering purchasing chocolates, we strongly suggest adding ice packs to your order and opting for express post. This minimises the risk of your chocolates melting during transit. Remember, even during the cooler winter months, chocolates can be susceptible to melting. As Australia Post delivered your packages in trucks and vans, these vehicles aren't always equipped with air conditioning. Additionally, these packages can be exposed directly to sunlight during transit, further increasing the chance of your chocolates softening or melting. Ensure the best condition for your sweet treats by taking these precautions.

It's crucial for customers to be aware that Australia Post does not consider melted chocolate as a valid claim for damages. Please understand that if your chocolate does melt, it will NOT qualify for a refund.

Each Ice Pack comes with 2 small packs, you can always add more to your order.

As a general guide Ice Packs last 24hours in the summer heat or direct sun exposure.

Finally, while ice packs can significantly help in preserving your chocolates, they don't guarantee that the chocolates won't melt.

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