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Freeze Dried Air Heads 60g

Freeze Dried Air Heads 60g

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Introducing Freeze-Dried Air Heads, the whimsical confectionary delight that brings the classic candy to a whole new level of crunchiness and flavour! Sourced locally from Sydney, Australia, these Air Heads are carefully selected for their vibrant colours and irresistible taste. The unique freeze-drying process used to create these treats ensures that every bite is filled with a burst of fruity goodness while preserving its original freshness. By removing the moisture, these Air Heads transform into a delightfully crispy and light snack, giving you a satisfyingly crunchy texture that enhances the eating experience. Whether you're a fan of the tangy cherry, zesty blue raspberry, or sweet strawberry, our freeze-dried Air Heads are sure to take your taste buds on a nostalgic trip. Enjoy the vibrant flavours with every crispy bite, and indulge in a snack that will keep you coming back for more!

Size approx 60g

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